Toyota Off-Road Specialists

Overlanding transcends the realms of a mere hobby; it embodies a way of life that we embrace. At 4Lo, our passion finds its expression through a dedicated focus on overland vehicles, with a particular emphasis on Toyotas. This brand, renowned for its rugged durability and off-road prowess, aligns seamlessly with the spirit of overlanding. Our commitment to this lifestyle is not a fleeting interest but a culmination of 15 years of experience, fostering an expertise that sets us apart.

Our journey into the world of overlanding is deeply rooted in a lifelong obsession with camping and off-road exploration. For us, the allure of the untamed wilderness, the freedom of the open road, and the camaraderie forged around a campfire are not mere sentiments; they form the fabric of our existence. Through the highs and lows of overland adventures, we have honed our skills, learned the ins and outs of vehicle customization, and cultivated an unwavering commitment to quality and reliability.

In the central Virginia area, we take pride in being recognized as the premier off-road and overlanding destination. Our reputation is built on a foundation of genuine enthusiasm, unparalleled expertise, and a commitment to providing our community with the tools and knowledge to embrace the overlanding way of life.

Specialized In:

  • Suspension and alignments
  • Re-gearing
  • Custom overlanding packages
  • Diagnostics
  • State Inspections
  • Fabrication/Modifications
  • Engine and Transmission work


Josh White is the founder of 4Lo Garage, and his passion for exploration is evident in his commitment to off-roading.

Josh has extensive knowledge and invaluable experiences, which is apparent in his work.

Josh White

Owner / Operator

With a childhood immersed in the world of automobiles, I inherited a passion for cars from my dad, who owned an auto shop. The grease-stained hands and the scent of engine oil became familiar as I grew up working on cars. Around 15 years ago, I turned this childhood fascination into a profession, dedicating my expertise to the automotive industry. Six years ago, a pivotal shift occurred when I decided to specialize in Toyotas, drawn to their robust design and off-road capabilities. This focus allowed me to hone my skills and knowledge, transforming my career into a shop focused on the overlanding lifestyle.

Beyond the confines of 4Lo Garage, my heart has always belonged to the great outdoors. Camping since childhood, the rise of the “overlanding” trend resonated with me, seamlessly blending my love for the wilderness with my passion for modifying trucks. As a licensed Virginia state inspector, I bring a wealth of experience to the table, with a particular emphasis on alignments and suspension work. In a world where certifications often fall short, my hands-on experience speaks volumes, ensuring that each vehicle that leaves my care is not only inspected but finely tuned for the adventures that lie ahead.


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